Quotable Quote

“It is easier to give directions than advice, and more agreeable to have the right to act, even in a limited sphere, than the privilege to talk at large.”

-Winston Churchill
From The Second World War, Book I, page 409

On September 1 1939, German forces invaded Poland. Prime Minister Chamberlain decided to form a War Cabinet and invited Churchill to be a member, and also appointed him First Lord of the Admiralty. Churchill was very happy to have a position that actually allowed for decisions to be made, rather than to only offer guidance to others. He went on to say

“Had the Prime Minister in the first instance given me the choice between the War Cabinet and the Admiralty, I should, of course, have chosen the Admiralty. Now I was to have both.”

Although, considering during World War I he held the same position in the Admiralty before being ousted, he probably had sentimental reasons as well for his feelings displayed in the second quote.


~ by miyagisan on April 6, 2008.

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