Dimensia/Inexperience 08′!!

Are you kidding me? Seriously, Johnny? The selection of Sarah Palin, a 44 year old PTA member-cum-politician for vice president is clearly the last act of a dying man. The desperation and disregard for America that this move displays is astounding. If McCain were a young, virile man that wasn’t crippled from years in a bamboo cage and two-time cancer recipient, then having a vice president with barely more political experience than an intern would still be a bad idea. But unfortunately for him, McCain is an ailing old man, and anyone that votes for him should accept the fact that there’s a decent chance that this woman could be the president of the United States!!!

This is a very interesting post from an Alaskan resident: What is McCain Thinking? One Alaskan’s Perspective


~ by miyagisan on August 29, 2008.

4 Responses to “Dimensia/Inexperience 08′!!”

  1. like the comments. Insightful, straightforward, honest… I suppose you know that you will never make it in the news world… at least not in America. Kudos.

  2. Haha thanks.

  3. Everyone is just parroting experience, experience all of a sudden. Just programmed by the media after Hillary Clinton says it a few times. People should be parroting voting record, voting record! Obama and McCain’s are appalling. They have criminal advisors, and their stated policy goals are straight out of the Bush playbook! If anyone wants proof on what I’ve said, then mosey on down here and look at this article I wrote on Clinton, McCain, Obama, and the only man worthy of sitting in the Oval Office by virtue of his…….voting record.


  4. Stefan,

    Your article was extremely well done. Unfortunately, your blatant paranoia turned me off of your opinion. And the candidate that you feel is the only right choice is laughable to say the least. He is one of the very, very, VERY few people that I would choose McCain over, were I forced into such a heinous decision as to choose between the two. I think you yourself listen to political rhetoric too much, and don’t give the actual person spouting it the correct scrutiny.

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