100 Years of Solitude

My Amazon.com review:

I would equate my experience reading 100 Years of Solitude to watching the movie Groundhog Day 5 times consecutively.

I mildly enjoyed the first 150 pages or so, though in my opinion it still is not spectacular writing, but merely competent. But still, if this book was only 200 pages, I would look on it favorably. Unfortunately…. it’s twice that long. The foundation of the book is incessant reincarnations of the same family members over and over and over again. Brevity and succinctness is obviously not Marquez’s strong suit. This, along with a very fable-like style makes the book strangely feel more antiquated than Beowulf (but not nearly as interesting).

I will admit that it is initially captivating, but unfortunately this is accomplished the same way soap operas and Lifetime movies do: ridiculous interpersonal dramas endlessly unfold in a cantilevered manner.

100 Years of Solitude painfully beats a dead horse in a manner which makes Atlas Shrugged seem like a pamphlet in comparison.


~ by miyagisan on December 20, 2008.

One Response to “100 Years of Solitude”

  1. Thanks for sharing your review. I agree with you about the book’s length. But I find Rand’s hammering of her political line page after page after page more unbearable than Marquez. Perhaps it’s because that folksy way of relating things is the normal mode of talking and telling stories here in our country. My teenage sister is reading 100 Years of Solitude again for the fourth time.

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